Salted Caramel Hard Apple Cider

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This salted caramel apple cocktail is the ultimate fall cocktail and would be the perfect signature friendsgiving drink. The smooth and delicious salted caramel whiskey pairs perfectly with the crisp and sweet hard apple cider to make a cocktail that has all the flavors of fall, yet is still light and refreshing. At only 3 ingredients, it’s a cinch to make and you will definitely want a second round!

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Salted Caramel Hard Apple Cider.JPG

So I feel a little silly making a recipe for a drink that only has two main ingredients, but I started with 4 and realized it really only needs two to make this cocktail a knockout drink.

I originally used torani caramel flavored syrup, apple juice, hard apple cider, and salted caramel crown. After making the drink a few times, I realized it’s best with just the salted caramel crown and hard apple cider. Plus, the less ingredients to buy the better in my book!

This combination is the perfect balance between apple and caramel flavors, but if you would like it to be more caramel-flavored, a couple drops of the syrup would be a great addition. For a more apple flavored drink, a splash of apple juice would do the trick.

This drink would be a perfect signature drink for a friendsgiving party as they would be quick and easy to make for guests. You could even set up a little station for guests to make their own since it is not a complicated recipe.

Even if you’re not a regular whiskey drinker, this cocktail is a perfect entrance since the main flavor is salted caramel balanced with the brighter apple. I’m totally not a dark liquor girl and I love this drink. It’s perfect for whiskey lovers and non-whiskey lovers alike!

Salted caramel hard apple cider.JPG
salted caramel hard apple cider.JPG

Yield: 1

Salted Caramel Hard Apple Cider

This salted caramel apple hard cider is the perfect fall cocktail. It blends a rich and delicious salted caramel flavor with crisp and refreshing hard apple cider. At only 3 ingredients, it couldn't be easier to make!


-2 oz. salted caramel whiskey (I used Crown Royal brand) 
-Dry hard apple cider
-Thinly sliced apple for garnish 


- Fill a lowball glass with ice
-Pour 2 oz. of salted caramel whiskey into glass 
-Pour hard apple cider into the glass until it is almost full 
-Stir drink
-Add apple slices for garnish 


*You can choose a sweet hard apple cider if you would like, but I found it to be best with a dry or "brut" apple cider to balance out the sweetness of the whiskey. Dry hard cider will still have a sweet taste from the apples, yet won't be overwhelmingly sweet. 

**One 12 oz. bottle of cider will make about 2.5 drinks.
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